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Modular Shelf and Lean Production Systems

What is Lean Production System?

Modular racking systems and lean manufacturing are two different concepts in manufacturing and industrial organization.

Modular rack systems refer to a type of rack that consists of standardized, replaceable components that can be easily assembled and reconfigured to suit a wide variety of storage needs.

Lean manufacturing, on the other hand, is a production philosophy that emphasizes the elimination of waste, continuous improvement and delivering high-quality products to customers. The goal of lean manufacturing is to create maximum value for customers using the least possible resources, including time, money and materials.

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In order to produce solutions for your storage needs and to make your production processes more efficient, we provide you with project design and planning support as well as the necessary equipment.

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Professional Solutions

You want to achieve professionalism at every stage of your work. Shelf and belt systems, which are the infrastructure of your production systems, must also be professionally prepared as a part of this system.


Our Plastic, ESD, Aluminum, Galvanized and Chrome pipe types


Our reels produced from different materials such as transparent, polyamide, aluminum, elastomer.

Metal Accessories

Versatile metal accessories to complement your modular systems

Metal Joints

Metal Attachment Mounting Kits

Mounting Brackets

Versatile mounting brackets that you can use with roller tracks.

Plastic Accessories

Versatile plastic accessories to complement your modular systems