Ever since 2003, Canves has been advising and supporting the companies which are committed to Lean Manufacturing. Beyond that, Canves also has been successfully achieved to be a  solution partner for the various companies which look for consultants in terms of Lean Manufacturing. AGILE Canves provides the ideal way to implement its own method and tries to make manufacturing environment more efficient and effective in many ways. To achieve continuous achievement, the change is necessary. Inherently innovative and subject to continual development, Canves incorporates all the experience and requirements of its customers. Aiming to make modification easy with its modular components and keep adapted within new processes. FLEXIBILITY There is no another system that more flexible than tubing system. So the Canves exactly allows you to design, build and later modify to your specific needs. ERGONOMIC Canves structures provide part and tool presentations that make the workplace comfortable and efficient as well as offer to help in order to lower the risks of workplace injuries. SIMPLICITY Canves uses international language with its easy-to-understand concept. There are no complicated mathematical and structural formulas to consider, only a few load bearing specifications.


The factory of Canves is located in Manisa within 8000㎡ closed area. Being close to famous harbor city of Izmir offers great advantages in terms of shipment as since it has fast delivery points. Crew With a team specialized in Kaizen and Six Sigma, we constantly make researches to meet the market’s new demands and conditions by reinforcing our customers’ projects for cost reduction and efficiency increase. All of our products are produced locally and in-house by our own team. We also provide technical assistance for customers in many aspects with the help of evergrowing experience in this industry since 2003.

What is the Lean Production?

Lean production is centered on determining what activities or processes add value by reducing other aspects such as lessening the production of a certain kind of product that gives less value and using the resources to produce more of another, while at the same time lessening waste. It is a management philosophy that was adopted from the Toyota Production System (TPS) created by Taiichi Ohno. Lean production is all about reducing waste, not just material waste, but labor and time waste generated by some processes. When all of these wastes have been removed from the system, only then can it be said that the system is truly lean and optimized. In short, lean production involves constant efforts to reduce or eliminate waste starting from the design process to the manufacturing, distribution and towards the product support and beyond phases. But it is not just about reducing waste and overhead, the principle of lean production is also about increasing speed, efficiency and improving quality on top of waste elimination. This requires work and the development of a lean culture within the workforce, which ultimately leads to added value both for the customer and the company.


Canves sales are realized at 85% to the local market to 15% exportation and the exportation rate has been increasing by the time. Our customers’ sectors vary from automotive (OEM & Suppliers) to electronic, textile, electric and alimentation. We mainly focus on producing;

  • Modular shelf systems
  • Flow Racks
  • Mini Rack
  • High Racks
  • Modular Tubing Systems & Joint Parts
  • Conveyors
  • Transport Carts

Our Goals

  • Reduce the costs in every aspects
  • Improve efficiency
  • Decrease manufacturing period
  • Reinforce continuous improvement rapidly and easily
  • Reach higher quality of product by improving production processes
  • Increase usable workplace
  • Adaptation of the same products to different manufacturing processes due to the products’ flexibility of usage
  • Reduce inventory time by classified stockpiling
  • Reduce waste